Through our investigative work, we aim to:

  • Provide a just and efficient means to fairly and timely conduct investigations within our jurisdiction;
  • Determine whether individual allegations of misconduct are wellfounded;
  • Identify and address patterns of police misconduct; and
  • Make policy recommendations to improve the Chicago Police Department, thereby reducing incidents of misconduct.

To achieve these goals, we have cultivated a culture that demonstrates a commitment to the four core values of integrity, independence, timeliness, and transparency.


Core Values


Training & Professional Development

To seed our values from the start, all COPA employees participate in both onboarding training as new employees and mandatory in-service training throughout the course of the year.  A list of our onboarding training is below.

Training Attendees Length Purpose
Orientation All COPA Employees 1 week
  • Introduce COPA’s mission, vision and core values
  • Introduce employees to City of Chicago policies and procedures
  • Introduce concepts of civilian oversight
Supervisor Training Supervisors and Directors 1 week
  • Seed principles of leadership
  • Develop personnel management skills.
Lead Homicide Investigator Training Supervisors, Attorneys, Major Case Specialists 1 week
  • Comprehensive instruction in investigating death cases
COPA Academy Investigative Staff and Attorneys Up to 12 weeks
  • Develop foundational investigative skillsets
  • Identify policing strategies
  • Introduce legal concepts
  • Practice customer service values
  • Embed a mission for community engagement