Angela Hearts-Glass, Deputy Chief Administrator

Angela Hearts-Glass has 23 years of law enforcement experience in police practices, senior law enforcement experience overseeing patrol, major criminal investigations, and internal affairs.  Hearts-Glass retired from City of Evanston Police Department at the rank of Commander she spent the majority her career in the Investigations Division as a Detective of Juvenile and Criminal Investigations.  Hearts-Glass is a graduate of Northwestern’s School of Police Staff and Command (class 266) at Northwestern University Center for Public Safety.  Upon retirement Hearts-Glass became  Director of Safety and  Security for Malcolm X College,  managing the operations of two campuses.  Hearts-Glass is knowledgeable in policy development, training, community development and mediation.  Hearts-Glass joined COPA initially as the Director of Quality Management. Hearts-Glass has received special training in Cold Case Analysis, Taser Use of Force, Child Abuse & Sex Abuse and a host of other investigative matters.  Hearts-Glass holds a Bachelor’s of Psychology  and Master’s of Public Administration from Roosevelt University.