Michael Hohenadel, Supervising Investigator

Michael Hohenadel's Headshot

Mike is the first Supervisor of the recently formed Video Release and Transparency Unit, beginning April 2022. The unit has consolidated video releases and FOIA under one unit to better streamline our transparency and free up COPA’s Investigative and Legal teams to focus on their primary investigative functions. Prior to that, Mike was a Staff Attorney at COPA for three and a half years where he provided the legal analysis on many COPA major cases, including high profiles cases. Prior to COPA he worked in criminal defense for five years representing clients in both state and federal courts, and briefing arguments for the US Supreme Court and Seventh Circuit. He is a graduate of Loyola Chicago School of Law and Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. He was born and raised in Lancaster Pennsylvania, and is now married to a native Chicagoan. He has two kids Lucy and Charlie, and a mini Dachshund Frankie. He lives in Beverly and enjoys playing and coaching basketball and soccer, spending time with family, and doing yard work.