File a Complaint

Have you been mistreated, or seen someone else mistreated, by a member of the Chicago Police Department?

Do you have information about an incident involving police misconduct?

If so, contact us to file a complaint.

There are 5 easy ways to file a complaint:

By Phone
By Mail
Litigation Complaints
If you wish to file a complaint but have limited proficiency in English, translation services are available upon request. Google Translate, which may be helpful when filing an online complaint, is also available below

What Comes Next

  1. After filing a complaint, a letter will be mailed within five (5) business days detailing whether COPA or CPD’s Bureau of Internal Affairs (BIA) will be in charge of investigating the incident of police conduct. To learn about which cases are assigned to COPA or BIA, please visit our Investigative Process page.
  2. If COPA retains the case, you and other complainants or witnesses will be contacted by COPA about the complaint.
  3. After concluding our investigation, you and the involved CPD member(s) will receive letters from COPA reflecting our investigative finding(s), if any. If discipline or other actions are recommended, the case will then be reviewed by the CPD Superintendent and, if applicable, the Chicago Police Board as part of the review process.
  4. At the conclusion of the review process, you and the involved CPD member(s) will receive a letter reflecting the final findings and the final action taken in the case.

To read more about the full investigative process, please review information on our Investigative Process page.