Community engagement is essential to COPA’s mission, and we aim to proactively engage, educate, and seek input from the public whenever possible and appropriate. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of providing transparency about our work on an ongoing basis. To that end, we regularly engage with members of the community – both civilian and law enforcement.

To COPA, community engagement and outreach involves several methods:

Event Calendar:  COPA fosters public dialogue by hosting events with communities affected by our work and with partner organizations. See future events on our Event Calendar.

COPA Blog:  Pulling back the curtain on COPA’s work through our ongoing blog, read posts written by our staff.

Community Advisory Council:  COPA seeks ongoing input for the work that we do from community leaders on our Community Advisory Council (CAC). Learn more about the CAC and its members here.

Public Comment on Policies: As part of COPA’s mission to enhance transparency and police accountability, COPA will post policies for public review and comment.

In our effort to be transparent with the citizens of the City of Chicago, you now can sign up to receive information regarding events and major police involved incidents that occur in your area. Please complete the form below to receive updates.

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