The following are finalized COPA Policies, as required by the Consent Decree Illinois v. Chicago, no. 17-cv-6260. We appreciate the feedback from all the public comments received. COPA will continue to post finalized policies here.


Quality Assurance
Timeliness Benchmarks
COPA Equipment & Apparel
Disciplinary & Remedial Recommendations
Recommendations Regarding Department Member Duties & Powers
Final Summary Report
Fact Gathering & Investigative Process
Compelled Statements
COPA Interviews - Chicago Police Department Members
Transparency Initiatives – Release of Video and Related Materials
Conflict of Interest and Recusal
Candidates for COPA Employment – Current or Former Chicago Police Department Members
Sexual Misconduct Investigations
Investigative File Maintenance
Major Incident Responses - Officer-Involved Shooting or Officer-Involved Death
Civil and Criminal Complaint Review
Affidavits, Affidavit Overrides, Exceptions to Affidavit Requirements