Women in Action Panel

The Rotary Club of Chicago Six Corners is hosting an International Women's Month Speakers panel titled, "Women in Action."   COPA's Chief Administrator Andrea Kersten will be one of the panelist participating. 

Centro Comunitario Juan Diego Resource Fair

COPA will attend Centro Comunitario Juan Diego Resource Fair in South Chicago. At this outreach event COPA will be able to set up a resource table and share its agency role in police misconduct.

Treatment Alternatives For Safe Communities (TASC) Oakley Integrated Staffing Meetings

TASC Oakley holds integrated staffing meetings for participants to engage in dialogue on how to help returning citizens overcome barriers to re-entry, build capacity through networking with local and state community constituents and leaders, and communicate with other fellow TASC partnering agencies. COPA plans to discuss the agency role in police accountability.

Prosser Career Academy Visit

COPA will participate in this upcoming Career Day to help students understand the role of COPA, the importance of police oversight, and discuss ways youth can improve positive interactions with law enforcement and explain career paths.