April 9, 2024


Today, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) is releasing video and other materials related to a recent fatal officer-involved shooting near 3800 W. Ferdinand Street. COPA’s administrative investigation of the officers’ use of deadly force began immediately following the shooting and remains ongoing.

On March 21, 2024, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) notified COPA of an officer-involved shooting. Preliminary reports indicate that this incident began when five Chicago Police officers assigned to an 11th District tactical unit engaged in a traffic stop of Dexter Reed, Jr. for purportedly not wearing a seatbelt.  Upon stopping Mr. Reed, multiple officers surrounded his vehicle while giving verbal commands. When Mr. Reed did not comply with these commands, officers pointed their firearms at Mr. Reed and ultimately there was an exchange of gunfire which left Mr. Reed dead and an officer shot in the forearm. Review of video footage and initial reports appears to confirm that Mr. Reed fired first, striking the officer and four officers returned fire. Available preliminary evidence also confirms that officers returned fire approximately 96 times over a period of 41 seconds, including after Mr. Reed exited his vehicle and fell to the ground. Mr. Reed was struck by gunfire multiple times and was transported to the hospital and later pronounced deceased. A gun was recovered on the front passenger seat of Mr. Reed’s vehicle.

“As an agency established on the core principle of reform, we take investigations into the use of deadly force and surrounding circumstances very seriously. COPA has the responsibility, as is noted in the Federal Consent Decree and Municipal Ordinance, to review every police shooting involving CPD officers. Each use of deadly force must be evaluated by examining the totality of circumstances, including the officer’s actions prior to the use of force. Accordingly, we will carefully review the actions of the involved police officers and their supervisors to determine whether training, policy and directives were properly followed,” said First Deputy Chief Administrator, Ephraim Eaddy. “Our immediate investigatory steps included responding to the scene, viewing available body worn camera footage, and observing the collection of evidence, including shell casings and other ballistics evidence. As the investigation continues, COPA staff have canvassed the area, observed the autopsy of Dexter Reed, Jr., continued to identify and interview all witnesses, obtained, and reviewed all available video footage, and engaged with the Illinois State Police Forensic Science Laboratory in the processing and testing of all forensic evidence. COPA investigators have also provided briefings to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (CCSAO), the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Department of Justice (DOJ), and sent a formal request to Superintendent Larry Snelling recommending the Chicago Police Department relieve four officers of their police powers during the pendency of this investigation. We have also been in contact with the family and will continue to provide updates as the investigation is ongoing,” Eaddy said.

COPA serves as the designated agency for the City of Chicago authorized to release video and other materials per the Consent Decree and the City’s Video Release Policy. Related to this officer involved shooting incident, COPA has released to its website: 23 body-worn camera (BWC) video, 2 in-car camera (ICC) videos, 6 third-party videos, 1 POD (Police Observation Device) video, 4 OEMC Transmissions, 20 Shot Spotter recordings, 1 Case Incident, 5 Tactical Response, and 1 Traffic Crash reports, which can be viewed by visiting:

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