Log# 2023-0001277

Multiple subjects, including two individuals who were arrested but not charged.

This post includes all relevant video, audio, and Chicago Police Department records in COPA’s possession that are required to be released related to the use of force in this officer-involved shooting and the events immediately following it.

Pursuant to the Illinois Juvenile Court Act, 705 ILCS 405/1-1, et seq., the City is prohibited from publicly releasing law enforcement records that relate to a minor who has been investigated, arrested, or taken into custody before his or her 18th birthday, without a court order.  As a result, the City is restricted from publicly releasing certain records related to this incident.



BWC 1 | Shooting officer
BWC 2 | Witness officer
BWC 3 | Witness officer
BWC 4 | Witness officer
3rd Party 1 | Gunfire audible
3rd Party 2 | Gunfire audible
OEMC Transmissions 1
911 Call 1
ShotSpotter 1
ShotSpotter 2
ShotSpotter 3
ShotSpotter 4