Log# 2022-0003994

Subject: Dylan Godell-Chandler

This post includes all relevant video, audio and Chicago Police Department records in COPA’s possession that are required to be released related to this fatal motor vehicle crash and the events immediately following it. The post was updated on May 23, 2024 to include the Final Summary Report.

NOTE: This incident involves the death of the involved individual, which is detailed in the Final Summary Report below. The release of all Final Summary Reports is mandated pursuant to the City of Chicago Municipal Code (Section 2-78-145, viewable here) and the Consent Decree in State of Illinois v. City of Chicago (17-cv-6260, paragraph 499, viewable here). As standard practice, prior to the release of any Final Summary Report involving an incident resulting in the death of an involved party, COPA notifies the family of its obligation to post the report to its website. Impacted families and/or their representatives were contacted prior to the release of this report.



POD 1 | Before Crash
POD 2 | Before Crash
BWC 1 | After Crash
BWC 2 | After Crash
BWC 3 | After Crash
BWC 4 | After Crash
BWC 5 | After Crash
BWC 6 | After Crash
BWC 7 | After Crash
OEMC Transmission 1
OEMC Transmission 2