Log# 2022-0003169

Subjects: Xavier Baez, Julian Zamora

This post includes all relevant video, audio and Chicago Police Department records in COPA’s possession that are required to be released related to the use of force in this officer-involved shooting and the events immediately following it.

This post was updated May 2, 2023, to include the Final Summary Report. The accused officer resigned from CPD effective April 26, 2023, which is the same day COPA closed this investigation. Because there are no active CPD members with allegations, this investigation did not go through the normal Command Channel Review process. CPD therefore has not reviewed this report or given an indication whether they concur with COPA’s findings or not.



BWC 1 | Shooting officer
BWC 2 | Witness officer
ICC 1 | Gunfire audible
ICC 2 | After OIS
3rd Party 1 | Business | Before OIS
3rd Party 2 | Business | Shows OIS
3rd Party 3 | Business | Shows OIS
3rd Party 4 | Business | After OIS
OEMC Transmission 1
OEMC Transmission 2
911 1