Log# 2020-0004697

Subject: Esael Morales


Pursuant to Section IV(B) of the City of Chicago’s Video Release Policy, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office requested and the City’s Department of Law granted a 30 day extension in which to release video and other related materials in the officer-involved shooting that occurred October 13, 2020. Accordingly, the deadline for release has been postponed to January 8, 2021.  This extension was granted on December 10, 2020. COPA remains committed to transparency and the release of video and other materials as outlined within City policy. Upon authorization, COPA will facilitate the prompt release of all required materials.

This post was updated January 7, 2021. Defense attorney’s request for Court Order to withhold release has been denied. The materials released include all relevant video, audio, and Chicago Police Department records in COPA’s possession that are required to be released related to the use of force in this officer-involved shooting and the events immediately following it.



BWC 1 | Arrives after incident
BWC 2 | Arrives after incident
BWC 3 | Arrives after incident
BWC 4 | Arrives after incident
BWC 5 | Arrives after incident
3rd Party Residential 1 | Captures activity before OIS
3rd Party Residential 2 | Captures activity before OIS
OEMC Transmission
911 1
911 2
911 3
911 4
911 5
911 6
ShotSpotter 1
ShotSpotter 2
ShotSpotter 3
ShotSpotter 4