Log# 1086544


  • Juvenile
  • Dakuarie Brandon

Pursuant to Section IV(B) of the City of Chicago’s Video Release Policy, the Cook County State’s Attorney Office  has submitted an Extension Letter to the City’s Corporation Counsel requesting an additional 30 days for the release of certain materials obtained in connection with this investigation.  Pursuant to the Response Letter received from the Corporation Counsel, the deadline to release the additional materials related to this incident has been extended. Both letters are included below.

Pursuant to the Illinois Juvenile Court Act, 705 ILCS 405/1-1, et seq., the City is prohibited from releasing law enforcement records that relate to a minor who has been investigated, arrested, or taken into custody before his or her 18th birthday, without a court order.  As a result, the City is restricted from releasing certain records related to this incident.

This case was closed on September 24, 2018, without a Final Summary Report. This post was updated January 30, 2023, to reflect the closure.



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