Pursuant to 2-78-120 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, based on information obtained through COPA investigations or identified patterns or practices of misconduct, COPA may issue reports and advisories to the Chicago Police Department, the Chairman of the City Council Committee on Public Safety, and the Police Board recommending revisions to the Police Department’s policies, practices, collective bargaining agreements, programs and training in order to improve the accountability, effectiveness, integrity and transparency of the Police Department.

COPA may also submit correspondence to the Chicago Police Department highlighting operational, policy, or training concerns identified through disciplinary investigations requiring immediate attention, as well as feedback to enhance training and policy development efforts to advance the culture of policing and build public trust.

Unless specifically requested by COPA pursuant to 2-78-120, a response from the Department is not required.


COPA’s Policy, Research and Analysis Division (PRAD) is actively working on or considering projects addressing the following:

  • Police lawsuits and related COPA misconduct investigations
  • Identity confirmation for arrest warrants
  • Dangerous equipment in lock-up facilities
  • Detainee monitoring practices
  • Invasive searches
  • Demeaning/Disparaging language

If you have ideas or topics areas that you believe PRAD should consider as it develops its strategic priorities, please visit our Public Comment page and send us your thoughts.