Karlo Flowers, First Deputy

Karlo Flowers, COPA’s First Deputy Chief Administrator, is a Chicago native and lifetime resident with over 30 years of business experience.  Karlo joined COPA in January of 2017 as Director of Administrative Services, was later promoted to the position of Chief of Staff and in April 2020 appointed by Chief Administrator Sydney Roberts to serve as First Deputy Chief Administrator-Chief of Agency Operations and Strategy.  Karlo brings to COPA prior experience in operational strategy, logistics, risk assessment and professional relationship building in the areas of telecommunications, non-profit educational publishing, entrepreneurial ventures and currently, municipal government.

Specializing in strategic planning, human capital management, business operations management, financial operations management, facilities management and labor relations, Karlo is equipped to successfully oversee COPA’s total agency operations and strategy.  As First Deputy, Karlo will serve as second in command to Chief Administrator Roberts, and will directly oversee COPA’s financial operations, human capital operations, strategic planning, information systems, professional development, facilities operations, safety systems, mediation program development and equity program development while also providing support and guidance to COPA’s investigative operations.

Karlo’s educational accomplishments include a Master of Business Administration in Management, Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and certifications in Human Resources Management.